Raising Your Standards

By Bria Lea

Nov 22, 2017
The secret to getting what you want is to not do anything or not say anything. Raising your standards happens when you really just get sick and tired of dealing with the same type of guys. You have to want something new. Understand you are worthy before sugaring. Be patient for something really awesome. Don’t just settling for okay. Sugaring is all about being playful and not having to over try to make something work out. So when you meet someone new, keep it sweet and sugary. Still have boundaries and raise your standards.


When you want an upgrade in life, in your career, and the overall idealism of what this life is all about, it is possible and you can make it happen. Realizing that you have the resources to make it happen, raise the standards. Be playful, dignify yourself, and attract the sugar daddy of your dream when you stop trying and letting it come to you. What do you really want when it comes to being with someone, having a partner or finding true love?
It could be just having a lot of fun, working together, being supportive, loyal or just really good sex. Know that you have the power to upgrade, as in getting a better lifestyle, trips, shopping sprees, or fine dining. You want to be able to attract an upgrade when sugaring and getting it all through the development of being yourself and not obsessing over the outcome of things. An upgrade means that you stop dealing with anything that isn’t supportive or reciprocative and attract a sweet and sugary experience into your dating life. 

New Profile

When using SeekingArrangement  evolve in the skills of dating. You begin to get over what you use to like. You want something else that shows you what true love really is. Very few people just want to be a sex object. Maybe you could start a new profile that helps you to meet new people and has new features. You stop doing what you use to do when it comes to dating, like using dating apps too much or saying yes too many times and you ground yourself in integrity and self-worth. Add more details to your life or new pictures that show the real you on your profile, that helps to really attract the all-time sugar daddy. Require a FaceTime before meeting with them, just so that you can get a sense of what they’re motives are and what they’re like before a first date.
Raising the standards on your profile happens once you begin to realize that you can do a lot better than you ever had before and want to the right kind of sugar daddy into your life. Being a sugar baby has its perks, so embrace it when being single and remaining out on the prowl. Upping your profile features can help you to attract the sweetest sugaring once you understand the importance in not being overly needed and remaining independent. 

Truly Confident

Sugaring is the overall aspect of wanting to connect with someone and be able to form a strong passionate relationship that is giving and receiving rather than trying and not getting anywhere. True confidence that is comfortable being yourself and doesn’t come on like too strong in a possessive way. I think that through this one understands how to be truly confident and how to stay in control of yourself. You want it to just flow easily and make it all happen for the best when allowing growth through getting to know one another and being supportive. Being truly confident means that you don’t judge and you come to love yourself and your partner for who you are. Learn from past experiences and see what really works out well for you and how you can better improve this towards having the ultimate sugaring in your life.
You begin to see what you really want and need when sugaring or using Seeking Arrangements to finding someone to be in your life. Sometimes, you need someone not because you’re needy necessarily but because you want the feeling of being loved, cherished and adored. Women want men to do something more than just message them and act like they care when they don’t. We want the over the top kind of love, the kind of things that make you go “WOW, this is love,” and enjoying sugaring.