Responsible Risk Taking for Sugar Babies

By Zenya Rose

Jun 29, 2017

With any form of online dating there is a degree of risk. To combat my anxiety when it comes to first meet and greets, I started making FaceTime and Skype calls a pre-date requirement. Usually, POTs understood my concerns. Others who were not so compliant proved to me that they had something to hide. Since the start of my latest arrangement I’ve learned that everything is not always so cut and dry. Here is why I now believe in responsible risk taking for Sugar Babies.

The Chase

It all started with a message on SeekingArrangement just a month ago. He commented on something in my profile and the conversation ensued. (To all my Brown Sugar Babes who are feeling down on their luck, he was specifically looking for one!) He told me he was coming to my town sometime soon and asked for a date. I hadn’t been checking my profile very often so I completely missed the message. We reconnected last week and decided to go to dinner.

I asked if we could FaceTime but he informed me he did not have an iPhone. I brought up Skype and again he said he did not have an account. I started to get nervous – I’ve never agreed to a date with someone I hadn’t seen before. He seemed really excited to meet up, but my personal safety has always been my top priority.

The Compromise

He offered to add me on LinkedIn. It was an offer I’d never received before. I consulted with a Sugar Sister and asked if she thought it was odd. She said not at all. Often times older men are not too wrapped up in technology and they can’t be bothered. She advised me to study his LinkedIn account and that’s exactly what I did. He messaged me via LinkedIn to confirm his identity and although I was still skeptical, I felt more at ease. I researched the jobs he had listed and background checked his name.

The Call

His comforting did not stop there. He invited me to call him at work the day before our meeting. I took him up on the offer. The conversation lasted for less than ten minutes and it did a lot for me. I have met POTs in the past that had also declined my invitation to FaceTime first but they never offered to do as much for me as he did. Do not ever let a guy convince you that it is remotely okay to meet a total stranger with no verifiable name or photo! Just don’t do it, Sugar Babes!

The Catch

We met for dinner at 7:30pm. It was at the nicest restaurant I had never been to in town. He was shorter than I imagined he would be but he was also more handsome. His SeekingArrangement and LinkedIn profiles both used the same photo but it did him no justice. We started off with drinks and by the end of the night we had polished off two steaks, two bottles of wine, and double the dessert. We lingered until we were the last at the restaurant. He emailed immediately after I got home and asked if I’d be interested in an arrangement. The answer: duh!

The Conclusion

During our date he expressed to me how nervous he was. He was afraid that because he couldn’t FaceTime or Skype that he had missed his chance with me. That is why he tried so hard to make himself as accessible as possible. Once again, if a POT wants to meet with you, despite how high profile and/or discrete he may be, he WILL do everything in his power to make you feel comfortable. A Sugar Daddy is a true gentleman in a world where the type is dwindling. He understands the risk you’re taking in meeting him and will appreciate you voicing those concerns. Remember – only Salt would trivialize your concerns.