Rules for Keeping Sugar Fun

By Egan

Jul 28, 2017

Whether your new to the Sugar Bowl or have been enjoying it for years there’s three simples rules to follow to keep Sugar a fun, enjoyable part of your life.

Balance Life Outside of Sugar

Especially if you are a new Sugar Baby it can be easy to get wrapped up in the sweet life. Between all the messaging, going on dates or catering your schedule to an SD make sure you are still balancing your life outside the Sugar Bowl.  Stay true to yourself and limit how much time you spend on Sugar activities.  You need to maintain your time for yourself, work, friends and family Don’t neglect your hobbies; those are the things that make you interesting and attractive.  

By maintaining your daily life you’ll make sure that the sugar stays sweet instead letting it take over your life and building resentment toward it.

Maintain Your Financial Independence

Sugar is an excellent way to enjoy more financial freedom with less of a time commitment than going out and finding a full time job.  That being said if sugar is your only source of money you are setting yourself up for disaster.  Sugar should enhance your life, it should not be the only thing keeping you afloat. 

Relationships and arrangements end all the time, sometimes with no warning.  You should have at least one alternate source of income, if your arrangement ends you should be able to support yourself.  

That ties into the point while in an arrangement be smart with your money.  While the funds are plentiful make sure to put money into a savings account.  You’ll thank yourself when you have a nice fall back cushion later on.

Be Willing to Let Go

The biggest part of keeping sugar fun is knowing and being willing to let go if it’s not working for you.  Too many people stay in arrangements because of the perks even though it’s not bringing them happiness anymore.  You wouldn’t want an SD keeping the arrangement if he didn’t enjoy your company.  How would you feel if he kept the arrangement just because he likes being physical with you?  Show your Sugar Daddy the respect you would like. If you don’t like his personality and only like the benefits he provides you then end the arrangement.  Free him up to find a baby who likes him and go find an Sugar Daddy you like.  

Arrangements should be enjoyable and you should look forward to seeing your Sugar Daddy. If that’s not the case you need to know when to walk away.  Walk away when it’s time and find another POT that you want to spend time with.

Following those 3 simple rules will help you keep sugar a fun, rewarding part of your life. If you have anything else that works well for you feel free to comment!  Happy sugaring!