Salt Daddies, Scammers and Fakes, Oh My!

By BelleC

Oct 07, 2017

He messaged you… Says he’s read your profile a few times and thinks you sound amazing!  You check his profile… He’s handsome, athletic, single, with assets of several million.  Could he be your perfect sugar daddy?  Perhaps… But proceed with caution! 

It’s easy to get excited when someone who is our image of perfection reaches out and says he’s interested.  Having met multiple POTs, and having secured several arrangements over time, here’s what I’ve learned about how to weed through the fakes and shake out the salt. 

Scam Warning: Send Me Your Bank Info

There are warnings on Seeking Arrangement and all over the forums of Let’s Talk Sugar that say, NEVER give out your bank account or personal information!  Nonetheless, I still see posts in the Advice or Money forums where a new and innocent sugar baby has provided her bank account information to someone online who has promised to send her money.

In some cases, the sugar baby receives a wire transfer to her account – sometimes to the tune of a few thousand dollars.  Then the sender asks her to return $1,000.  There are two things that can happen in this scenario… one is that you’ve just participated in money laundering; the other is that the wire transfer to the account was fraudulent.  By ‘returning’ $1,000 of money that never existed, the sugar baby is now liable to her bank for that amount. 

A real sugar daddy would never ask for your account information.  Gifting may be done in cash, through PayPal, Venmo or with a pre-paid Visa for your spending pleasure! 

If it Seems Bitter, It’s Probably Salt

In my experiences, more than one POT has reached out with interest only to then ask for a Meet & Greet at his condo or townhouse in the city.  My assumption has always been that I’m supposed to be impressed by this offer since properties in the Washington, DC area are some of the highest priced in the country.  With each request, I’ve declined, stating that a first meeting at “his place” really breaks the ground rules I’ve set for my own safety. 

One POT went so far as to have a three-day texting marathon with me, describing his past arrangements; how he’s really looking forward to the possibility of a long-term arrangement with me; how we’ll wine and dine, and he’ll treat me to the very best of everything. 

When it came time to set a date for a first meeting, he suggested brunch at his condo, followed by playtime.  I explained my ground rules to him, and he acknowledged them.  Ten sentences later, he suggested that he could break away from work for “an hour or so” and meet me at his place!  When I again told him that I’d rather our first meeting be somewhere in public, he stopped texting altogether.  Plain and simple, this guy was a total salt, trying to lure unsuspecting sugar babies into who-knows-what.

The time I wasted during our texting marathon can’t be regained, but I was glad that I spotted his ulterior motives early on.  If a potential sugar daddy doesn’t want to take even 20 minutes of time to meet you for coffee and see if things click, then he’s not looking for a sugar relationship.

One Fish, Two Fish, Catfish, Ew Fish!

Catfishing is downright creepy.  In the online world, this deceptive game involves using pictures and a persona that do not represent the real you.  Some people use old photos that show how they looked 20 years ago. Others may use pictures of an entirely different person.  Fake sugar daddies will say they’re worth many millions when the opposite may be true, while others aren’t honest about their marital status, occupation, weight, age and more. 

I’ve had two instances where older sugar daddies presented photos with a full head of dark hair and a youngish-looking face and body. I discovered in real life that they were white-haired or balding with turkey necks and a rather big tummy!  Another who had scheduled a coffee meeting with me. He said, “I’ll be waiting inside the door of Starbucks. I have white hair and wire-rimmed glasses.”  My jaw dropped.  His description was NOTHING like the picture in his profile! 

How can you protect yourself?  If you don’t have the luxury of checking them out ahead of time walk away.  Prior to meeting a POT, I do my best to image search his photos.  It’s easiest when a POT provides you with his real name prior to a meet. Not all daddies are keen on sharing their last name right off the bat, there are other ways to search.

Trust Your Gut, Sugar

It’s easy to be fooled by the scammers and fakes.  But it’s also easy to be cautious and protect yourself.  It just takes a small amount of effort. Realize that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.  Stay safe and happy sugaring!