Should I Use An Alias?

By Kaye

Feb 24, 2016

There is nothing disingenuous about using an alias. Creating a byname for your profile is not a lie, it is not a scam and it is not a form of deception. Instead, safety, anonymity, discretion, and comfort should all play a factor in your decisioning process. Below we’ll highlight these many benefits of using an online alias.



First and foremost, Sugar Babies should always practice safety when it comes to posting their personal information, especially when online dating is involved. In the age of technology where nearly every detail of our lives can be captured or tracked via the interwebs, the less of your personal information living online, the better. Name included. Using an alias will help safeguard certain aspects of your personal life. (For additional tips, check out our Sugar Baby Safety and Discretion blog.)


Digital Anonymity

How many of us Google a person prior to meeting them? Guilty. I also IG stalk. While thumbing through someone’s social media platforms and networking sites, we begin to subconsciously create a fictitious character profile. However, the major missing component in all of our digital detective work is context. Therefore, it needs to be understood that social media does not provide an accurate summation of one’s character. Let’s face it, we all have unflattering pictures and have all posted some unladylike comments before, but that isn’t who we are on a daily basis.

So, to prevent any advanced Google searches that could potentially scare your SD away (i.e. tailgating pictures, photobombs, a troll comment to a celebrity, etc), use an alias for your profile.



If the POT isn’t able to track your digital footprint, it not only creates a cloud of mystery (a little mystery is always sexy), it shows you have the ability to be discrete. Trust us, your SD will definitely appreciate discretion as he may have a lot on the line professionally or personally. Knowing that you aren’t prone to over-sharing will be a major turn on.



When do you reveal? Before the first date, after the first date, after the first message, never?

The answer is: not until you’re completely comfortable. It’s that simple. If it’s sunshine and rainbows after the first date or even after the first message, by all means let the POT know you’re actually Jessica, not Beverly. If it takes a couple of dates or even months to feel completely comfortable divulging personal information, then that’s fine too.

So, while it is completely up to the user’s preference, we hope you keep the above in mind when deciding whether or not to use an alias.


What are your thoughts on using an alias?