Starting Out in the Sugar Bowl

By Cat T

Jul 05, 2017

Starting off in the world of Sugar Dating can be really daunting. Especially so if you’ve grown up in a family with traditional views. I discovered the life from my friend who had an arrangement. I secretly found the idea quite appealing. We would joke about it but all I could think about was how it would suit me. After a couple of weeks, I spoke to my friend and asked him about his experience as an SB. The more he spoke about it, the more I wanted to do it. In regular dating, I have usually found older men more attractive and so thought that I would be fine having a Sugar Daddy.Here is what I learned starting out in the Sugar Bowl.

Signing Up on Seeking

The process of signing up on SeekingArrangement was fairly simple. I reasoned to myself that I could simply delete my account if I changed my mind. I had to wait for my profile to be approved and this gave me enough time to start to doubt what I was doing. Could I Sugar date? Did I have what it took to be an Sugar Baby? What if my family and friends found out? What would they think? Was I pretty enough to be an Sugar Baby? I drove myself so crazy that night with the what ifs that I had to shut my laptop and go out with friends to do something to get my mind off it. It wasn’t until the next day that I went back onto the website.

Fielding Messages

Once my profile was approved and I went premium, I started getting messages, views, and favorites. The variety of the Sugar Daddies who messaged me was overwhelming! Different ages, races, financial backgrounds and locations. I’ll admit, my head spun for a while trying to get to grips with this. Some were more chatty than others. Sometimes I’d get a paragraph and sometimes I’d just get a “hey, how are you?”. In the first few days, I searched mostly for young millennial. I had an age limit which, if I’m being honest with myself, was not realistic in the slightest. That being said, the more messages I got the more confident I became. I found I liked the maturity of the SDs and enjoyed the intelligent conversation I was able to have with them. It wasn’t long before I was spending much of my spare time combing through POTs.

Is Sugar For Me?

That being said, I still had doubts about what I was doing. As a student just about keeping my head above water. I wanted this but I couldn’t shake this feeling that made me unsure about what I was doing. For me, I realized that the reason I had doubt was that no one knew what I was doing and I had no one to confide in. I’d messaged the forums trying to find someone to relate to me but I’m not the most patient woman. I needed advice sooner than later

Sugar Sisters

I invited one of my best friends over; a girl who was more open to different kinds of relationships and would be more understanding. Thankfully, my gamble worked out. She listened to what I had to say, what I was doing and how I was feeling about it. Then looked at the website I was using and helped me overcome my doubts about it. She was positive about me being in the bowl and said she was happy for me because this genuinely was a good decision. Confiding in her really helped me gain that last bit of confidence I needed.

I’ve now been on a few first meets and feel confident in the bowl. Sadly, I haven’t found the SD for me just yet but I’m confident he’s just around the corner. All the doubts I had in the beginning are now gone and I feel excited when I’m talking to a POT. If I’m ever feeling unsure about anything, I have my Sugar Sisters at my side when I need them. Bring on the POTs!