Straight Talk About Sugar

By Fallon

Feb 15, 2017

Sugar Dating has never been more popular or more accepted, but there are still many misconceptions. Those stigmas keep would-be SBs from achieving a genuine mutually beneficial arrangement. Lets clear up any doubts with some straight talk about Sugar that will hopefully clarify some VERY important points. To begin, let’s address the extremely important differentiation between being a genuine Sugar Baby and being an escort.

Sugar Baby vs. Escort

In my opinion, this is the most important point and should be the first thing understood, by everyone in and out of the Sugar Bowl. In one sentence the difference can be summed up, and yet this issue gets clouded so easily. Many potential SBs get themselves into less-than-desirable situations without clearly understanding the difference. Let me break it down for you.

Escorts are PAID FOR SERVICES RENDERED; Sugar Babies are gifted (materially and / or monetarily) while IN A RELATIONSHIP with their Sugar Daddy.

Understanding the difference is vital! Escorts receive monetary compensation for services they provide. Period. This income is not only taxable but in a majority of states receiving money for any sexual service is a criminal offense.

Sugar Babies: pay attention! If you are in the Sugar Bowl and not looking for a relationship you need to be on another site. Don’t waste SDs time and don’t ruin things for the real Sugar Babies in the Bowl by being a poser.

What is a mutually beneficial?

A mutually beneficial relationship means that a Sugar Daddy is looking for a Sugar Baby to spend time with and establish a connection. Relationships in the Sugar Bowl are similar to the real world in that there are countless types.

There are relationships where you date (see) each other once a week, once a month, once in a blue moon, etc. But the foundation of a relationship is that you have gone a date to meet each other and have felt the desire to see each other again.

Voila – you can now say you’re in a relationship – regardless if it only lasts for another date or another hundred dates. For the sake of Sugaring definitions, you have established that ‘relationship baseline.’ After which, if your Sugar Daddy wants to gift you, he can without either of you worrying about implications.  

What’s Pay-per-meet?

The days on SeekingArrangement of Sugar Babies meeting their Sugar Daddies and immediately getting an allowance established are long gone for many reasons. Suffice it to say, SDs have been scammed and SBs taken advantage of, hence the development of the Pay Per Meet arrangement. How does this differ from escorting?

Well…. have you met this Sugar Daddy before? Have you had your intro coffee, lunch or dinner date? Have you decided to meet up again? If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these then you are now in a qualified relationship with your Sugar Daddy and he can gift you each time you meet up or anytime for that matter. If you agree to perform any services, however, that makes anything he gives you income. Unless you are an escort (see above) do not accept payments or income, only gifts.  

It is important to know that PPMs are a perfect way to mutually work towards an established Sugaring arrangement that may or may not include an allowance. It protects both the SB and the SD. The SD hasn’t been fleeced by an insincere SB, and the SB is assured that her SD is interested in gifting her in the beginning stages of their relationship / arrangement. For more on when to have sex with a SD, click here

Let’s Break it Down Further

If you meet your POT SD and you have sex with him the first time you meet and if he pays you – you are not in Sugaring territory. Beware. There’s no denying that chemistry can pull you two together right from the start. But to be clear, if money is exchanged on your first date this immediately puts you into escort territory. Chances are your POT SD is not looking for a MBR (mutually beneficial relationship).

Instead he’s looking for a cheaper way to spend some physical time by not calling an escort service and paying their fees. It could also put you in some seriously dangerous situations by agreeing to ‘go back to their place’ on the first meeting. Be smart Sugar Baby. Don’t let the promise of a gift get you into a compromising situation.

A Note from the Wiser

Take it from an experienced Sugar Baby. If you have a wonderful first meet and he doesn’t bring up the ‘relationship’ or ‘arrangement’ – or if he doesn’t directly answer your questions – then he isn’t looking for anything more than the obvious.

I once went on a date with a very handsome, very well known established architect in my city. Dinner was nice and I agreed to go back to his place for a glass of wine ONLY. Yes, there was some (albeit fun) playing around but I made it clear we were not having sex. Shortly thereafter, I left.

Now: (1) I put myself in a very compromising position by going to a location I could not leave easily if needed, and (2) it was clear he only wanted to have sex. It wasn’t until the next day that he texted me and said something along the lines of “Last night was great. We should meet and hammer out what you want in an arrangement.”

Hammer out? Like I’m going to go out with you again Captain Obvious? Seriously. Lesson shared. Hopefully lessoned learned. If the first date doesn’t include a conversation about your future, but does include some conversation about the present (i.e. sex) you might be the wiser to find a new POT.

Straight Talk About Sugar

While sugaring can be a lot like dating a generous boyfriend, it is also VERY DIFFERENT on many levels. First and foremost make sure you clearly understand the difference between being an escort and enjoying a relationship as a Sugar Baby.
The Sugar Bowl can be a wonderful place, but it is a world governed by guidelines that both Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies should adhere to. Understand these guidelines, maintain them within your arrangements and enjoy the sweet life!