Sugar Babies Who Do Not Belong In The Bowl

By Ava Kinsey

May 23, 2016

Being a Sugar Baby carries a heavy stigma in society. We are often cast as being brainless, gold digging, entitled escorts. This stigma stems from a poorly crafted reputation that others have created for us. If you search forums or Sugar Baby community sites you’ll notice a lot of girls that really have no business pursuing arrangements. Who am I talking about? Let’s identify Sugar Babies who do not belong in the Sugar Bowl.

Lacking Goals

Sugar Babies NEED to have life goals. We need to be able to build our own empires. We are here for help, but not for handouts. We are capable of providing for ourselves on our own. Many of us are college educated, entrepreneurs, models, actresses and professionals. Sugar Babies often strive to further their education and aren’t satisfied with sitting at home and doing nothing. If you want to be a Sugar Baby so that you can sit at home and reap the benefits of someone else’s hard work, please don’t call yourself a Sugar Baby – you’re giving the rest of us a bad look.

Gold Digging

Ok, yes, we LOVE gifts, money and luxurious travel. It’s true, if you weren’t providing at least one of those things we likely wouldn’t consider dating you. However, there is a difference between a gold digger and a Sugar Baby. You see, a Sugar Baby cultivates a relationship with her Sugar Daddy, also known as her benefactor. Together they build a connection and a foundation of respect. A Sugar Baby cares for her Sugar Daddy to some degree. Gold diggers, on the other hand, are there strictly for the pay day and these are Sugar Babies who do not belong in the Bowl. They’ll play games to get what they want and at the end of the day, they’re not going to genuinely care about their Sugar Daddy because it’s all about them.


If you’re coming into this lifestyle thinking a Sugar Daddy owes you anything simply because you look nice and are breathing, you’ve got a lot of maturing to do. No woman or man owes you a thing. Daddy has worked hard to earn his fortune and genuine Sugar Babies understand this. We understand that Daddy spoils and takes care of us because we add value to his life: we are his cheerleader when he needs one, his therapist when he needs a safe place and for some, we become their sexy little minx. In return, we are spoiled and taken care of.


Nope. Solid nope. If your first message to a POT Daddy mentions an hourly or nightly rate for your time, you are on the wrong site. Sugar Babies are not escorts. Do we become intimate with a Daddy? Some of us do, if the chemistry and connection are present. Are we paid for intimacy? No. We do not trade sex for money and any Baby, blog post, written article or interview you see that says otherwise is from an escort or someone that has no idea of what the Sugar life really entails.

So please, if you’re looking to join the Sugar Bowl because you feel entitled to someone else’s finances, you have no desire to add genuine value to another’s life and you have no desire to build your own empire (or at least do something with your life), this is not the lifestyle for you. You’re giving those of us that genuinely care for our Daddies a bad reputation and you do not belong in the Sugar Bowl.