Sugar Baby Restaurant Etiquette

By Star

May 11, 2017

When I first entered the sugar bowl I had never before been to an upscale restaurant. Needless to say, my first time going on a high end dinner date was nerve wracking. High end dinner dates are extremely crucial to almost every sugar relationship. It’s important for every sugar baby to exemplify elegance and class when dining with a POT in an upscale setting. Here are some helpful points for fine dining and sugar baby restaurant etiquette.

Wear Appropriate Attire

The first time I went to an upscale restaurant, my outfit was a disaster. Showing up in a ponytail, bubblegum lipstick, a spaghetti strap tank top, distressed skinny jeans and cheap heels to eat gourmet cuisine with a multimillionaire surgeon was a HUGE wake up call. I was EXTREMELY unprepared and desperately needed to revamp my closet. Too many women, including myself at first, don’t understand that it’s necessary to invest a little money into your looks prior to sugaring. I can’t stress the importance of this enough; your outfit, hair, and makeup being simple, neat and classy, will convey to your POT that you take pride in your appearance and that you deserve the high class lifestyle. To become that spoiled sugar baby that exudes class and grace, you’ve got to look the part.

Before picking out your outfit for the night, you should always do a little research on the restaurant. If it’s high end, but not five stars, you may be able to get away with a more casual outfit, such as low heels, dark pants and a pretty blouse, but if it’s closer to five stars, a semi expensive pair of heels, clutch, and flattering dress is required. It is extremely important to wear pieces that flatter your personal body type, and that are good quality and material. Absolutely no distressed jeans, sneakers, hoodies, super short skirts, or midriff/extra cleavage tops. For hair and makeup, nothing too extravagant, sugar daddies often prefer a more simple, fresh faced look, with effortlessly styled hair. Perhaps use a bebe cream instead of foundation, some light shadow instead of heavy eyeliner or cut crease sparkle shadow, and a subtle glimmer on the cheeks instead of an intense angular highlight.

Sophisticated Confidence is Key

It is crucial for a sugar baby to exemplify sophistication through her behavior on a high end dinner date. That means no crazy loud laughing, texting, selfies or food pics girls. Successful men appreciate a sugar baby who can impress him with intellectual conversation, and isn’t obsessed with social media.

Dinner dates are also perfect for establishing chemistry with a POT, and give you the opportunity to really get to know each other. Take this time to ask him about himself, and also give him insight into your life and your interests. This is your time to show him that he’s got your attention, and that you’re truly an intelligent woman, not just a pretty face.

Always be polite to the people waiting on you at the restaurant, and keep the conversation with your sugar daddy interesting all the while. Avoid awkward pauses, or bad topic like religion or politics. When you’re eating, remember always to be neat and clean, and not make a mess or drop utensils.

Moderate Your Alcohol Consumption

The absolute most IMPORTANT rule of all is DO NOT get drunk on a dinner date! That is the biggest turn off to any POT that would’ve been interested in pursuing an arrangement with you. It is extremely important to know your limits, and hold yourself to that.

There is nothing worse than getting drunk and making a fool of yourself in front of a sugar daddy. Getting drunk on a date tells your POT that you’re not serious about having an arrangement or truly enjoying a high end lifestyle, and that you’re not someone who’s worth taking out again.

The Final Course

A high end dinner date with a POT will make or break an arrangement. Be sure to follow the above rules on your next fine dining venture and show your sugar daddy that you deserve the high class lifestyle. May your dessert course lead to even sweeter things with your POT.