Sugar Baby Time Management Tips

By Malia

Dec 18, 2016

Successful Sugar Babies carve free time no matter how busy their lives are. It might be to entertain a potential Sugar Daddy or to take care of a sweet one. Either way, you can use these Sugar Baby time management tips.

Here’s a fun fact: everybody is busy! The list of tasks at hand only gets longer as times passes. And things don’t get any easier as your Sugar life demands pile on with daily life. College papers, deadlines, mid-terms, walks with dog…

And on top of that, your lousy job with low pay and search for a new one, paired with lots of time on SeekingArrangement and first meets. Sounds familiar and stressful, right? Managing time is an integral part of being a successful Sugar Baby. You can get more done in less time with effective planning.

That accomplishment gives you the empowering feeling of being in control of your own life. Particularly, as you get a good grasp of time management, you can relax and become a more pleasant companion. Which is exactly what a SD seeks: A stress-free SB as his escape!  


Calendar app on the cell phone (or old fashioned planner if you prefer hard copy) should be in hand at all times. Jot down every task that come across your mind throughout the day into your notes or reminders app. You need to download those thoughts so they don’t occupy unnecessary processing space in your mind.

Cluttered minds work slower, making tasks take longer. Also, take advantage of your calendar alarm to signal wrap up time. You’d be surprised at how you can finalize things in 5 minutes rather than trying to perfect things when given a little reminder.

To Do Lists

Create ‘To Do’ lists under categories that make sense to you. I classify my life in three buckets: Work, home, and personal. Sugaring for me goes under personal time, yet some SB may place it under work. Take your pick!

Ensure your time is split in a way that maintains balance intact, week after week. For instance, allocate 50% time time for work, 30% time for home and 20% personal. With a category system you can visualize when any of those categories are overpowering your calendar.


Some tasks definitely need to be completed on a day, only while other tasks can be carried to next. Review all the big things that need to be done, break them into smaller tasks and schedule appropriate time slots in your calendar to work on each of them.

Before going to bed or first thing in the morning check tasks that need your immediate attention as unimportant tasks can suck up your limited time easily. It’s easy to lose track of time while chatting with POTs. Try to stick to your time allocation or you will pay for it later with less time for sleep.

On Sugar Dating, firm up dates with the POTs you are mostly interested and keep secondary ones on the warm with short little messages. If your most important POT cancels, line up your secondary POT to take over that idle time in your calendar.

What I mean is that time may not be the same, but the allotted amount of time is. If another person cannot meet at that time, shift another task around so you can be flexible to meet another POT’s calendar needs. Of course, never tell a POT that he is not your top priority.


Sure, you can get things done tomorrow, but you have to live in present tense. Do not waste energy justifying yourself to slack off a bit. Instead, you could be using that energy to get the task done, and cross one more off from your to do list.

On SA, even if you are not ultra interested on a POT, respond in a timely manner. Take a quick minute to type a message instead of waiting for a few days to see how things work out with a different POT.


Stress happens when you take on more than you can handle. Mental and physical fatigue  negatively impact your productivity. Make sure to leave some time to decompress every day. Maybe that means extra time singing in the shower, or scheduling a massage. If you are too stressed, cut off some time from activities that are less important for relaxation.


Set realistic deadlines and stick to them. Try to set a deadline few days before something is actually due, so that you have wiggle room as new tasks inevitably get in the way. Challenge yourself to meet the deadline ahead of time. Reward yourself for jobs well done.

Early Rise

Most successful people have one common trait: Start their day early. Early start gives time to sit down with a clear mind and focus. Personally my day starts any day from 4:30AM to 6AM so I can read and plan during the quietest time of the day. As the day goes on, so does your energy levels and concentration. There are more interruptions later on, which affects productivity.


If you feel stuck on a task, move onto the next feasible task and swap times on your schedule. Don’t just sit there being unproductive. If you are stuck, go for walk, listen to some music instead of staring at the computer screen with a blank face.
Hopefully these tips will help you decompress and manage your time! Do you have any tips for me?