Sugar Bowl Newbie Tips

By Brielle

Apr 30, 2019

If you’re new to the sugar bowl, it can be daunting and confusing. As someone who was once a newbie, I understand how scary it can be.

There are some great bits of advice I can give sugar newbies I wish I’d known earlier.

What are you wanting out of this?

Are you wanting a casual arrangement or a long term serious sugar relationship? Are you looking for someone to help you with your bills or maybe more than that? Does the idea of an allowance intrigue you? You need to figure out what your desires are going in.

Know your worth and add tax. You are a priceless baby and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Set an amount you would like to receive every month or every week. There will be daddies that will want to haggle with you to pay less. Drop them and find a daddy who sees your worth and isn’t willing to disrespect you by trying to pay less than what you deserve.

Beware of the salt and Splenda daddies.

A salt daddy is a straight up scammer. He or she typically will want you to buy an iTunes card or a gift card so he can send you the money. Don’t do it. As the sugar baby, your job is to get paid, you don’t pay them. Also, if they want you to give them your financial information, that is a giant red flag and you should run like hell.

A Splenda Daddy is a daddy who wants to run with the big boys but just can’t. Typically, this daddy will promise the moon but never deliver. If you encounter someone who is too good to be true, he or she probably is and you should move on.

Make a profile that will make daddies interested.

I always found that if you emphasize you are working to better yourself, you’ll get more hits. The fact is that most daddies want a baby who is trying to better their lives and enrich others. If you’re a college student, be sure to play that up. If you volunteer, emphasize that. These things make you marketable which can lead to a bigger allowance.

Keep good photos of you that emphasize your best points on your profile. Be sure that when taking the photo that you look your best. Play up your positives and downplay your negatives. For instance, if you have a great smile or nice legs, show pictures that display that.

Also, be sure that the first meeting is in a public place and use your own transportation to get there and home. Do not get in his or her car or go to a hotel to be alone until you have both established an allowance and can feel your safety will not be compromised. Trust your gut instinct: if it feels unsafe, don’t do it.

And most importantly, have fun with being in the sugar bowl. You’ll get to meet all kinds of people and find out about another’s interests. It’s an exciting time, so take it slow and In no time, you’ll be an old pro at this.

Happy sugaring!