10 Things all Sugar Babies Need To Hear

By BikiniBody

May 16, 2019

#1. Who you are is a work of art. A one of a kind masterpiece. Before anyone else can see your value, you MUST acknowledge YOUR own uniqueness and self worth.

#2. ONLY surround yourself with positive, optimistic, loving, supporting individuals. If your current circle doesn’t like sugaring but you are set on being a sugar babe, it is up to you to fight all of the people in your circle or, release them all and find new friends who are loving and supportive towards you and your choices.

#3. Whether you’re a courtesan, a sugar babe, an escort, a pay per play kinda girl, whatever your chosen lifestyle is, your life is yours and yours alone! Own your lifestyle. Do not shame yourself and do not allow others to shame you either!

#4. NO ONE has the right to judge you. Do not let other’s opinion of you influence your value or self worth. Also, just as important, careful when you allow someone to judge you. You will soon be judging yourself.

#5. These lessons are not easy. I’m 41. Give yourself time to grow, mature, time to find out who you are, what you want, and remember that your gut knows! If you think, “wonder if this is right for me”. Don’t do it! If you think of something and feel fireworks and excitement, go for it! Learn to trust your internal compass.

#6. Take care of your mental health. A healthy mind has a peaceful heart, which leads to confidence, which leads to money and opportunities into your life. Narcissistic, mean, evil, nasty, rude is not confidence. It is a lack of confidence disguised as a defense mechanism. Learn your value and never let anyone question your choices or decisions.

#7. Exercise, eat well, treat others with kindness. Your body will look great and others always respond to kindness.

#8. Do not defend yourself, your choices, your decisions, your lifestyle. You are not alive to please your family or anyone else. You’re only accountable to your creator. Remember who you are! A princess of God!

#9. When you hear of someone saying mean things about another woman, say something. We all need to defend each other. We are sisters in God.

#10. Take risks. Make mistakes. Learn. Life is not meant to be easy. It is meant to be fun.

Remember that even the ugliest, cheapest, most broke guy with zero game, sees himself in the mirror as a billionaire playboy.

It is time that we as women stopped looking at our “flaws” and started having the confidence men have in themselves. Also, you never find a man bad mouthing another man. Think about this.