Sugar Sister Support

By Zenya Rose

Jun 24, 2017

When you have only vanilla friends and family, it can be extremely difficult building a support system in the Sugar Bowl. The paranoia of wondering what they will think or say about your Sugar lifestyle may leave you wanting to keep things bottled up inside. When this happens, it is easy to feel lonely and down. This is why it is so import to seek out Sugar Sister support. Here are some ways to find kindred spirits in the Sugar Bowl…

Let’s Talk Sugar Forums

The forums on Let’s Talk Sugar should always be the first place you go when you have a question. Let’s Talk Sugar works hard to have a diverse group of experienced contributors who are able to speak on a wide range of topics. You may find that the exact situation you are experiencing is a common theme found in the Bowl and a relatively simple fix! We have all been new to the Bowl at some point and everyone struggles with the first few POTs. Don’t let your inexperience slow down your progress. Learn from others who have already been there.


Are you the type of person that draws inspiration from the success of others? Check out the Let’s Talk Sugar Instagram account. You can then find similar accounts and scroll through the other followers, connecting with who you relate to. Don’t get bogged down by comparing what she has that you don’t. Instead, take this opportunity to evaluate how you could do better. Are her nails always done? How does she dress? Does she wear a lot of makeup or does she go for a more natural look? Try her style on for size and see how it suits you. Instagram is great for inspiration!


Tumblr is an awesome place to find Sugar Sisters. Some people take the anonymity that Tumblr offers and really run with it. It’s easy to be as candid as you please when nothing you say can be tied back to you in real life. Therefore, Tumblr can offer a very honest view of the Sugar lifestyle. Follow a few Sugar blogs and see if their experiences are similar to yours. After joining Tumblr I did just this and was delightfully surprised to find how many Salt Daddies are using the same lines! Many other bloggers posted their snappy responses that I ended up using to help navigate through some tricky situations.

Sister Sister

Even if it’s just one person, you will appreciate having someone who knows you in real life keeping an eye on you. Personally, I have three Sugar Sisters who I know I can turn to. I let them know if I have a date with a new POT and ask their opinion if something seems weird or off about him. I actually introduced one vanilla friend to SeekingArrangement and it turned her year around completely! If she is open-minded like you, there is should be no worries about the Sugar stigma.

In conclusion, I know that most of us are strong, independent women that can successfully navigate the Sugar Bowl on our own. But, having a Sugar Sister or two to talk to, laugh with, and lean on will make the journey that much sweeter. And as you become a more seasoned member of the Bowl, don’t forget to reach out to the newbies and pay it forward. It will all make your Sugar experience that much more rewarding in the end!