Sugar Slang 101

By Joey

Oct 26, 2016

When I entered the Sugar Bowl a year ago, I realized it was a whole new world. Everything from the way SB’s talk with their own lingo, act on a daily basis and carry themselves to attract daddies is so appealing.  You probably just read that sentence and thought to yourself, “what in the world is an SB?” Trust me you’re not alone. Sugar Slang 101 is now in session! We’re here to break down the most common acronyms and terms used to guide you in the Sugar Bowl.

The Acronyms

SD: Sugar Daddy

SM: Sugar Mommy

SB: Sugar Baby

SR: Sugar Relationship

POT: Potential – A potential  SD/SM that you have been communicating with but haven’t actually  met up/set up an arrangement with.

LBD: Little Black Dress – Commonly used between SB females when discussing fashion. Q: is this in reference to fashion overall or that 1 piece of clothing in an SB’s closest that makes her feel sexiest? Like, the ultimate dress?

NSA: No Strings Attached – Typically a type of relationship agreed on between all parties involved. It establishes that any feelings and emotions will be checked at the door and will not let them disrupt the arrangement.

PPM: Pay Per Meet – Not allowed on

LTA: Long Term Arrangement – An arrangement that lasts more than 6 months.

STA: Short Term Arrangement – An arrangement that usually lasts less than 6 months.

LTS: Let’s Talk Sugar – The Ultimate Sugar Guide.

SA: Seeking Arrangement – World’s largest Sugar Dating site.

Sugar Terms

Sugar Pup: This term is occasionally used when referring to a male Sugar Baby.

Sugar Bowl: Used to describe the Sugar lifestyle.

Splenda Daddy/Mommy: Typically used to describe a man/woman who wants to be a Sugar Daddy/Sugar Mommy but doesn’t quite have the funds to do so. You can usually get a good friendship out of them, however don’t expect all the extra pampering with this type.

Salt Daddy/Mommy: A fake, a phony, and a fraud for the most part. A person who is not generous or wealthy enough to be a Sugar Daddy/Mommy (Check out a previous blog post to read more on this type).

Arrangement: A relationship sort of like a business transaction. Usually negotiated between all parties involved.

Allowance: A monetary amount set by the SD given to a SB on a regular basis (weekly/monthly).

Any other Sugar lingo? Drop them in the comments below!