Sugaring in a Small Town

By Malia

Aug 23, 2017

Living in a non-metropolitan area can make Sugar lifestyle a bit more complicated. Or, at the very minimum, time consuming to  jump through logistic loops. Sugar Daddies availability in remote locations reflects other resources of living in a small community: Fewer restaurants, fewer shops, smaller population, smaller pool of Sugar Daddies. 

Inside the Bubble

Discretion is taken to a higher level of priorities for Sugar Daddies. Living in these “bubbles” also presents the advantage of familiarity and quick flow of information. You hear about divorce, separation, marital issues, etc.  You also have a general knowledge of safety and can check their background and reputation in the community.

Inside smaller communities, consider participating in sports, tournaments and classes where you are matched with other single partners such as tennis, golf ballroom class and activities which tend to attract more mature people. And, if you are already out of college, join the junior chamber of commerce where you are likely to find the mentors and established people in the region. This  may coincide with your pool of POTs.

If you do an online search on SeekingArrangement and find zero Sugar Daddies in your area, it doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. Quite often they set their location in the closest (larger) city. This could be a driveable location a couple hours away. Or, if he travels frequently for work he may keep his Sugar life away from his home base. This way he can relax from the  environment where everybody knows everybody.

Telecommuting is Not an Easy Path

I read some new Sugar Babies consider online only alternatives, but that is a dangerous path. Watch out as these are classic situations where people try to take advantage of others both on banking and on content. Webcam, risque phone chats, skyping, fetish photo can be recorded by the recipient and who knows where your XXXX content would end up? While a telecommuting Sugar Baby seems like an easy way to overcome geographic challenges. What benefit do you think you could you offer a Sugar Daddy beyond what a by-the-minute webcam girl offers or what a POT could access for free in online sexual content?

Your time would be best spent trying to meet a POT in person without committing yourself to any expectations. First, establish a one-on-one connection and use the telecommuting portion only to bridge the geographic distance until your next meet up. It is important that you have already developed a trusting and physical  intimacy in person with him first. Never try to attract a POT or prove yourself to a stranger with photos or movies you are not comfortable sharing with a platonic friend.  

Meeting and Out of Town POT

Holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Passover, among many other key holidays  are prime time for family gatherings. Take full advantage of these festivities to schedule meet & greets with visitors. A POT may have his parents,  in-laws or his grown up children living near you. When a POT is visiting your town, he can break free for coffee. Maybe it’s a very early morning quick coffee, or an activity where it can appear that he bumped into a stranger and started a conversation. It will be important for a POT Sugar Baby not to be overdressed for a date so she can fit into that scenario. If you both are open to start a long distance relationship with flying arrangements, this is a good way to start. This is so you know him before you fly to meet him in his home base or elsewhere.

If you live in a remote location and you have family or close friends in a bigger city, visit. You could always visit them more often, stay with them, so you can be in safe grounds to return after your meet and greet.. 

Combining Sugar Daddy Search with Errands

If you don’t know people you can stay with in the city, find reasons to go into the city. This could be  for supplies that you can’t buy in your community. For example: clothing, trendy hairdressers, specialty doctor’s appointment, and so on. Get in the habit of driving or taking public transportation to the closest larger city. Consider stacking up a few meet and greet coffee dates on the same day of  your bigger city errands. Always leave a bit of time for freestyling in these short trips too.

If you find a Sugar Daddy in the city, later you can ask him for a gas or bus card. This is  to make it easier for you to come and visit often, on top of your allowance. Better yet, consider the ties you have to the small city you live in. Apply for jobs in a city where you will have more opportunities to meet a SD regularly.