Sugaring the Smart Way

By Lexie

Mar 25, 2017

Some view sugar dating as a dark and dangerous avenue. In actuality it’s a smart and convenient way for people to experience new things. What many don’t realize is a lot of people are genuinely attracted to people significantly older or younger than themselves. May to December romances can actually work and in the Sugar Bowl these types of relationships are the norm. Most Sugar Babies want a taste of the sweet life for a short period of time, while others have indefinite aspirations. It’s up to you, as a baby to decide what path you would like to take to sugaring the smart way.

What are You Attracted to?

This is the first question to ask yourself, what are you attracted to and why? A Sugar Daddy offers a lot more than just a lifestyle of ease. Not all Sugar Daddies are alike. It is true each has achieved a certain level of financial success, but remember the personalities of daddies can vary. Sugar Dating is a smart way to get where you want to go. It’s even more enjoyable when you’re dating someone on a similar wavelength. If your personalities and interests do not align you may find it won’t be a fit. This happens, even when the physical chemistry is mind blowing.

Prioritize Your Needs

Sugar dating can alleviate a lot of stress and make life much more manageable. When someone is a benefactor, mentor and confidant you feel a weight lifted off your shoulders. Attaining a Sugar Daddy who can provide it all comes quickly to some. Others can have a harder time finding one. Prioritizing your needs comes first and foremost.

Make sure you are staying on top of your studies, taking care of yourself, and being the best version of yourself than you can. If you’re new to Sugar plan dates ahead of time and put them in a schedule. Say a Daddy wants to meet up immediately, as in hours after you message, chances are he’s not interested in building something meaningful and you’re best to move along. Any potential that flakes on you is not one to pursue. Your time is just as valuable as his. Showing mutual respect for one another is a key point in succeeding in the Sugar Bowl.

Save The Money

Not all Sugar Babies receive allowances, but most do. If you’re receiving supplemental funds from a Sugar Daddy then it’s best to save the money rather than spend it on frivolous items. Use the funds to put towards school, into savings, or investments with the hope that it will grow in time.When you’re receiving cash it can be tempting to spend it all right away, this is where your goal digger mindset comes into play. Sugar Dating isn’t necessarily easy, so be smart with the money you are gifted. It’s not a given it’s a gift.