What Does Your Sugaring Style Say About You?

By Heather P

Jun 22, 2017

As many of you may know, there are many different ways that you can get Sugar! You can meet a Potential Sugar Daddy using popular sites such as SeekingArrangement or through hanging out at your swankiest local hotspot. There are many methods of sugaring and finding a sugar daddy. Here are a few ways you might sugar and what it says about you!

Site Surfing

Having a solid profile and an open mind gives you a lot of control in finding a good Sugar Daddy. Websites like SeekingArrangement are a good source for finding a Sugar Daddy. You get to go through the profiles of Pot’s comfortably so that you can decide what you want. The best part about Sugaring using websites is that you get to be choosy. You also get to catch a Pot’s attention with your great sense of humor and variety of photos in your profile!
More than likely, you’re a woman who knows what she wants and you don’t mind being choosy!


Freestyling is a way of Sugaring involves going to hotspots where you’ll most likely find a Sugar match. This means, wearing your best LBD and being bold. Don’t be afraid to approach a Pot and strike up a conversation. Besides, how could he resist anyway? Freestyling is always best with a partner in crime so bring some of your Sugar Sisters along and have fun! Worst case scenario? You may or may not meet someone. Besides that, you’ll look great and you’ll also have fun with your sugar sisters!

You’re bold and you’re not afraid of rejection!


One of the less common ways of sugaring is by mixing business with pleasure. It’s common for a boss or supervisor to want to take interest in an employee and be willing to spoil. This is the guiltiest pleasure but it can be pretty fun! This is a great way to use your Sugar skills to build your career and get that Goyard bag that you want! In this kind of sugaring, discretion is extremely important. You have to be really cautious about having a Sugar Daddy who has the ability to potentially affect your career.  You must also be willing to balance your sugaring skills with your work. It sounds fun but it’s like having two jobs!

You’re a risk taker and ultimate girl boss!

Travel Buddies

Traveling is one of the benefits of being a Sugar Baby. You get to explore the world and go to exotic and new places. Take advantage of sites like Miss Travel where you can meet a potential sugar daddy to travel with. Also, remember to have a backup plan and let your friends know all the details of your travel for your safety. Also, consider finding a Sugar Daddy who lives in another country or state that you would be able to travel to a few times a year! This is a great way to get acclimated with a country or culture that you have interest in! I can attest to this as I had a Sugar Daddy in Montreal and was able to visit most weekends and pick up French!

You’re adventurous and ready to explore the world! Keep your passport ready and think about getting one with extra pages!


What’s your Sugaring style?