Sugaring While On Vacation

By Julia Jones

Mar 14, 2019

Do you have a trip coming up? Why not make the most of it by seeing if you can find a cute Sugar Daddy while on vacation for a little short term (or longer term) fun? Not only will you be able to go for dinner with a cute POT but you’ll also be meeting some locals who will be able to give you an awesome tour of the best parts of the city and show you where the locals hang. If you ask me, that sounds like the best kind of vacation. Chances are, with a travel Daddy around, you’ll not only have a blast, but you’ll get spoiled. So why not enjoy Sugaring while on vacation?

Start looking for and making connections before you go

As soon as you book your trip, start looking for POT’s in the area, and start sending some messages right away! Get to know a POT before you get there and you’ll have a higher chance of having a lot of fun with them since you will already know them well, and you’ll have been able to have a phone call, a Skype call, etc.

Be honest about the fact that you’re just visiting

Do not, I repeat, do not lie to a POT about your intentions! Let them know that you are only in the area for a little while. It is not fair to them and you would not want the same thing done to you- would you? Probably not.

Not only is it not fair to a POT if you don’t tell them that you’ll be leaving in a few days or weeks, but when you do tell them that, it allows the two of you to focus on the time that you have together. It allows you to make the most of it, and it adds a sense of fun in a way. After all, make it one week the two of you will never forget and you’d be amazed what could come of it.

The perfect first date: Ask Daddy to show you around some of his favorite spots!

This is also a perfect way to make sure that you stay safe by meeting in a public place. As mentioned above, it is the perfect first date. Your POT doesn’t have to worry about planning anything amazingly exciting because you more than likely haven’t been to any of his favorite spots and he can take you to all the hidden gems that he loves without fear of having you say that you’ve already been there. He can also take you to some of the local tourist attractions, to some of the parks, or the popular museums. Daddy will love being able to show you around the city, and you’ll love being able to get the locals insight, plus you might be able to pick up a few facts that you wouldn’t have, and you might even get the bonus of him spoiling you by treating you to a couple of the places he shows you.

Talk terms but be open to ideas

If your POT wants to talk terms right off the bat that is okay! Be open to ideas, like having Daddy cover dinner and your cab back to the hotel. Or, instead of an allowance, your POT could take you out and show you around the city. He could even cover the expenses of your souvenirs if you are getting any. While mentorship may not seem like it could be a good option; it could actually be. Your POT could bring you as his plus one to a work dinner, or the two of you could hit up a convention in town that suits both of your interests.