Telling Your Friends That You’re Sugaring

By Julia Jones

Mar 13, 2019

When you start sugaring it can be tough to get used to the motion of the process but what may be harder is telling your friends that you’re sugaring. There is a lot going on. Often times, a daddy will ask for discretion and you’ll be faced with this idea that what you’re doing is somehow wrong or you’ll be worried about how people will react- and that can include your friends. So, how do you tell your friends that you are a Sugar Baby and not worry that they will freak out, judge you, or stop being your friend?

Have friends you can trust

First thing’s first, have friends that you can trust. If you don’t want your friends to judge you for your choices, have friends that accept you for who you are, to begin with. Friends that you can trust with anything. With that being said, it will be easy to move forward, and it will be as simple as telling them, “hey, this is what I’m doing.”

Be open about it right from the get-go

Tell your friends right from the beginning what you are planning and thinking about doing. Be open to their opinions but when it comes down to it, it will be your choice to do what you want. Having your friends there from the get-go will not only be easier for you but also for them.

Be open and honest about what you’re doing

Let it become a topic of discussion! Tell your friends about your sugaring adventures. Tell them about the POT you’ve been talking to and what kind of man he is, tell them about the dates you go on and what you and your POT have planned.

Just like we talk about our Tinder dates, tell them about the POTs that come into your life. Normalize it, otherwise, it won’t feel normal to anyone else.  

Be ready to answer questions

Your friends are probably going to have a lot of questions and you’re going to have to be ready to answer them. It might be a little annoying to have to answer all the same questions again and again, but you have to remember that it is going to be new to them and they may be confused.

Be ready to help your friends shift the way they think about Sugaring

This is another one that is going to get old fast, your friends are going to have a lot of old ideas about what a Sugar Baby and Sugar Daddy are- you’re going to have to be prepared to challenge those thoughts.

All too often I know of Sugar Babies who tell friends and their friends respond with “But you don’t seem like a Sugar Baby.”

That is a common reaction that most people have because they can have a very old school idea of what being in a Sugar Relationship means, and it’s going to be up to you to help change that idea and give your friends a realistic example of all the wonderful things a Sugar Baby can be.

Be prepared to hook them up and help them out

Your friends are going to start off with a lot of questions but some of them might even consider becoming a Sugar Baby themselves it’s okay to offer to help them get into it. Offering to help them along the way and make sure they are always in a safe situation to ensure the best for your friendships and your friends. Help your friends by hooking them up with one of Daddy’s friends who has been looking for a Sugar Baby like you or one they can trust, or simply help them get setup with their own profile. Most importantly help them learn how to stay safe and stay away from Salt Daddies.