4 Things to Perfect on Your First Date with a POT

By RowanAsh

Jun 17, 2019

First dates, though exciting, are full of questions. What should I wear, where should we go, what topics to discuss….with this being a sugar date there is even more riding on a first impression. Based on my first meetings, here is my advice to any sugar baby whos unsure of first date etiquette.

Before the date

So, many sugar babies advise against discussing allowances on the first meet. I don’t disagree with this; it is just not how I do it. Before the meeting I like to discuss all the expectations of an arrangement; this includes my preferred allowance along with any specific sexual preferences a sugar daddy might have. For one, I find this easier to do over the phone than in person. And two, I prefer to know that my POD and I are on the same page before we commit time to one another. Rather than meet and feel disappointed, we can cover specific details to ensure we match in intention.

Where to go

I always have a first date in a restaurant. The setting is public, the ambience is relaxing, and sharing each other’s food is quite intimate. I always suggest a dish, usually a desert, to share. It creates an automatic affection where no pressure is involved. If it is a dinner we meet for I always ensure I don’t drink too much alcohol. Being drunk on a first sugar date isn’t classy or wise. The focus should be on getting to know each other.

What to wear

Knowing what to wear can be tricky. If you are meeting in a nice restaurant, chances are there is a dress code. Certain attire is necessary but consider that many men don’t enjoy dressing up as much as we do. Often a businessman is in a suit all day and so come the evening, he may want to relax in jeans and a t-shirt. With this in mind, I always opt for a high-waisted pencil skirt but in a softer fabric to be less formal, with a simple vest top that is tucked in and has a scoop neckline. I also tend to go monochrome for a more classy look and minimal on any patterns. I keep it simple with jewellery, watch, tennis bracelet, and a single ring. Also, no stripper heels! Kitten heels are always classy along with minimal make-up but with a smoky eye of course.

For day time meets that are more casual I keep to the kitten heels, tailored shorts, satin top, and blazer. Make-up is minimal, and the hair isn’t fussy. But I think it’s safe to assume that if you are comfortable enough to be at the meeting stage, you should feel able to say “hey, I just wanted to check our plans for the day/evening, just want to make sure I have dressed appropriately for the occasion”. You are meeting (hopefully) a regular guy on a normal date, and so typical questions are ok too. Plus, he will know you are concerned about making a good impression, and this is already a positive start.

Making a good impression

First things first, be yourself. If you intend on meeting your POD again, you shouldn’t be anything but yourself because eventually, he will find out if you are portraying yourself as someone other than who you are, which will lead to immediate disappointment.

I like to keep the conversation light-hearted, I avoid serious topics such as religion or politics as these areas make it too easy to unknowingly offend a person that you don’t yet know that well. Flatter your POD by showing a genuine interest in what he does, what are his hobbies, etc. Make sure the conversation is balanced, don’t talk too much about yourself and avoid asking anything too personal. If the POD is married, I will avoid mentioning his wife as he may have some discomfort on that topic.

The reason many PODs enter the sugar bowl, to begin with, is for an exciting distraction from their daily lives. This means you should be drama free, fun, happy, and not demanding. Another reason PODs look for a sugar baby is to offer guidance and mentorship, even investment, so having something you are passionate about pursuing or in need of advice on is an excellent way to connect to your POD.

Avoid discussing any negatives about your current situation; this is what your friends are for. If you appear depressed, desperate, or like you are trying to guilt trip a POD for financial help, he is not going to respond well and certainly doesn’t want to see you again. Even if you entered the sugar bowl because you NEED financial assistance, you don’t need to disclose that. Becoming a dependant or responsibility is not what a daddy will be looking for. Just be the best version of yourself and a joy to be around, and you will find a POD will be more than happy to enrich your life.