The First Meet

By BronzedSugarUK

Jan 30, 2016

You’ve been reading the advice here on Let’s Talk Sugar and you begin to wonder how you can make a lasting impression on this date in such a short amount of time.

First Impressions

When it comes to the first meet with a potential Sugar Daddy, your goal shouldn’t necessarily be to make him fall in love with you in the two or three hours you spend with him. A more realistic goal is to ignite his curiosity. Why? Well quite simply, the first step to lasting attraction is curiosity.

Remember that feeling you get when you are making steamy eye contact with a man across the room: you haven’t even spoken to him, yet when he leaves, all you can think about is him. Your mind races over everything from what they were doing there, to who they are. Well in that situation, they sparked your curiosity and it’s exactly that intrigue that you want to illicit in your date.

How to be Intriguing

Now it’s all well and good for me to tell you to create intrigue but you are probably thinking “Well BronzedSugarUK, what do I actually do to create intrigue?”

Tell him stories about you and your experiences that show him different aspects of your personality. Tell him a story that shows him how much of a goal oriented person you are or share a story that hints at your sexy sensual side. Little stories about experiences and how you responded to them is perfect at showing the multitude of qualities you possess.

Story  Time

It’s also worth thinking about some stories beforehand that you can use whenever you deem fit. Every comedian has jokes he prepares beforehand that he knows will rile up the audience, every dancer has signature moves they know the audience loves. Think of yourself as a performer and have some stories ready. Also, don’t be afraid to retell a story, as long as it’s not to the same person.

I have a signature story of the time I walked into a mirror at a seven star hotel (which you can read about under my blogs) and I can tell you, I tell that story on many, many dates. Men lap it up as it shows them I can let go, have a fun time and I’m not paralysed by the fear of embarrassment. It also subliminally sends messages that I am accustomed to being treated to a luxurious lifestyle, which works in my advantage.

So when you finish reading this, make yourself a cup of tea and reflect on stories you can use to create curiosity.