The Six Different Types of Sugar Daddies

By JadeSeashell

Mar 24, 2019

In one of’s popular videos, there is a book featured on the bookshelf – How to Meet the Rich (by Ginie Sayles). Out of curiosity, I bought this book and found it extremely valuable because its content not only helps people meet the rich but also helps Sugar Babies date Sugar Daddies. According to Ginie Sayles, there are six kinds of rich people, and now I’d like to apply her theory in the Sugar Dating context, so now there are six different types of Sugar Daddies.

#1 Old Money Daddies

This POT’s grandparents were already extremely wealthy. He was a trust fund baby and nowadays he is the individual who actually controls his family assets. Due to his influential background, he probably doesn’t want to tell others about his arrangement with a Sugar Baby. This old money Daddy is elegant, classy and overall well-educated. He doesn’t like to show off his money and status, so you can’t see any logos such as Gucci and Armani on his clothes and accessories, but you can tell that he is from a very wealthy background based on the way he treats himself and people around him.

#2 Flamboyant Daddies

A Flamboyant Daddy was born in a rich family, yet he is a professional spender who is happy to show off his wealth, thereby getting more attention. Dating a Sugar Baby is one way to show off his power, status and attractiveness. With this, people will know that he is rich, hot and happy. If you are interested in dating a Flamboyant Daddy, you have to look very gorgeous, so that a he will take you to fancy parties and show off his beautiful Sugar Baby.

#3 Status New Money Daddies

A Status New Money Daddy wasn’t born in a rich family; however, he has become rich because of his intelligence, hard work or good luck. In his opinion, his new money must bring him status, fame and social acceptance. Hence, you can see logos such as Gucci or Armani on his clothes and accessories. He also expects his Sugar Baby to impress the Joneses (e.g. Samantha Jones, not Bridget Jones). As a result, if you’d like to date a Status New Money Daddy, you’d better learn more about high-end fashion brands.

#4 Practical New Money Daddies

A Practical New Money Daddy is a self-made entrepreneur. Although he is probably not a billionaire, he is clearly a multimillionaire. He is down-to-earth and isn’t interested in showing off his money, as he believes that his wealth has nothing to do with others. If you become his Sugar Baby, he will look after you, but probably not in the most extravagant way. Thus, if you aren’t looking for a sponsor for your future business empire and you only want a Sugar Daddy to help you pay your tuition fees at university, you should definitely date a Practical New Money Daddy.

#5 Celebrity Daddies

A Celebrity Daddy is a famous guy. Perhaps he has been divorced a few times and is still fascinated by younger women, especially Sugar Babies. If you don’t mind being followed by paparazzi everywhere you go, you can date a Celebrity Daddy. However, if you can’t even imagine yourself appearing in tabloids every day, then dating a Celebrity Daddy may not be the right thing for you.

#6 Roller-coaster Daddy

A Roller-Coaster Daddy has experienced ups and downs many times in his life. He probably went bankrupt once or twice already, but these days he is back to the wealthy circle and is very interested in dating Sugar Babies. Since a Roller-Coaster Daddy wants excitement in love and in life, his Sugar Baby should be a perceived challenge to keep his attention. Are you “challenging” in the right ways?


Which type of Sugar Daddy is your type? Please leave a comment below and let me know.


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