Things You Shouldn’t Say to a Sugar Daddy

By Brook

Mar 18, 2016

When first discussing a relationship with a potential Sugar Daddy, there are some topics to avoid. Once the arrangement has progressed and you get to know each other, that will all change. However, hooking him involves helping him forget about petty things you might be inclined to talk about. Here are some things you shouldn’t say to a Sugar Daddy.

Broke as a Joke

We know, you’re broke. Like really, we know. And he knows too, you don’t even need to mention it. Finding the right arrangement will make that disappear, but before that you must be careful mentioning your financial situation. You don’t want him to think he’s only a wallet to you, and hinting at how much money you don’t have is a sure way to give that impression.

Personal Prying

Everyone loves to talk about themselves, but some Sugar Daddies want a break from monotonous questioning. If he offers up the information, then asking questions is fine. Just don’t start out wanting to know about his family business. Those conversations will come naturally, but at first it can feel like an interrogation.

Millennial Jargon

So, like, your BFF was too hungover on Sunday Funday to even get cray? He probably doesn’t care. Keep the slang and petty details of your social life to a minimum. Chances are, showing him the memes you think slay will only show him how much you two don’t have in common. Think up some mature conversation topics (like the news) to keep the vibes good and maintain his interest.

Verbal Selfie

Just like he probably doesn’t want to be questioned about his personal life, talking about yourself the whole time also won’t win him over. Whenever I’m in conversation (with anyone) I always make sure to be conscious about how much I talk about myself, and when it gets to be too much, I politely divert the conversation to the other person with a question.

Can’t Complain

Talking about the woes and tribulations in your life will promptly turn off a POT. Most Sugar Daddies are looking for a mental vacation from common troubles, not insight into yours. Don’t complain about your life, your food, or anything else. Stay positive at all times!

The first dates and conversations with a POT are crucial in securing the relationship, so don’t get ghosted because you didn’t know what else to say.