Tips From A Long Term Sugar Baby

By Jasmin

May 03, 2017

Being a Sugar Baby is a load of hard work. A lot of people think it’s just about ‘looking pretty’, or strutting around the place in designer shoes with a Starbucks drink in tow. No! Being a Sugar Baby is not only being able to keep yourself happy, but being able to keep a person happy as well.

There are so many things that come with keeping him. Some physical, emotional and mental. It’s all about keeping a healthy balance, while at the same time, looking after yourself. Let’s take a look at some of the things that contribute to being a long-term sugar baby.


Laugh With Him

1) Having a sense of humor – Sugar daddies love being entertained. If you think about it, most of their days are spent in very serious atmospheres. They’re professionals so they barely get a lot of time to interact with people on a social level. Being able to entertain them with an appropriate sense of humor will not only keep them grounded, but also it will impress him that you’re able to lighten up his day on or off cue.


Entice Him

2) Keeping up with your appearance – This is pretty self-explanatory. It’s so easy for us to get comfortable around our Sugar Daddies. It is easy to think they won’t notice our slight dip in appearance. Altering your looks to something he’s not used to could go in two separate directions. Either he loves it, and it turns him on, or he hates it, and would prefer to look elsewhere. Was there a particular dress you wore when you first saw him that he complimented? Maybe a lipstick shade? Wearing something similar to those things could keep you within the ‘safe zone’ when it comes to trying to physically impress your SD.  Stay within those regions.


Have More Than Sugar

3) Having a life goal – No man wants to spend his time with a woman who doesn’t have any long-term goals. It’s a complete turn off. Knowing that he’s the sole financial provider in your life, it will do nothing but give a bad impression of you. He knows that without him, you will be financially stuck…and that is a turn off. Sugar Daddies love it when you have things going on in the background. Even if you are depending on him financially now, show that you do have a later vision. Trust me on this one.


Class Never Goes Out Of Style

4) Elegance – Nothing beats a beautiful woman who has an ounce of dignity and class. Trotting around the city with your Sugar Daddy on your arm should not be a reason to shy away from the beauty of poise. Stand tall and keep on top of your mannerisms. Dining etiquette, articulating well-formed sentences, physical approach, all of these elements are significant in securing your place as his long-term Sugar Baby.


Stay Afloat

5) Balance – You’re probably thinking what I mean by this. When a Sugar Arrangement is in place the both of you come to an agreement on the dates that are best to meet. However as busy as your Sugar Daddy may be there will be days in that month when he won’t be able to fulfill that.


The worst thing you could ever do in this situation is constantly pester him about it. It shows that you are clingy (turn off) and once again, relying on him as your only source of income. This puts a lot of unnecessary stress on your SD, which may leave him no choice but to once again look elsewhere. With this being said there are times when you may go several weeks without talking, send him a message and let him know he’s on your mind. They love that! They love knowing they’re needed/wanted.


Don’t Get Carried Away

6) Knowing your place – Let’s face it you’re not his girlfriend nor  his wife. Most Sugar Daddies have a reputation that needs to be kept professionally. As a Sugar Baby we must know that it is crucial for us to stay in our place. Just like we have a personal and professional life, they do as well. A lot of these men want Sugar Arrangements to be discrete (unless he lets you know otherwise). so refrain yourself from constantly calling him, turning up at his place of work, texting him throughout the day. He is NOT your boyfriend!

Personally from experience, these are the key elements to being his long-term sugar baby. It works, and it’s easy. Give it a go!