Update Your Online Dating Profile and Get More Attention!

By Freddie T.

Jan 23, 2019

Did you know that online dating is the most common way to meet a partner these days? Over 19% of people who were engaged in 2017 met their fiancés online or through a dating app. If it’s been a while since you delved into the world of online dating, your first step needs to be to update your online profile to make the best impression you can. Here are some top tips on how to make some changes to your dating profile!

What are you looking for?

If it has been a good amount of time since you last ventured online to find a soulmate, in all likelihood, the type of person and relationship you are looking for will have changed drastically! Be upfront about what you want from a relationship and what you’re looking for in a person. You will have realized as time goes on that where previously, you believed you didn’t need much from a partner, you now know exactly what you want, so don’t waste your time and theirs – say what you want from the start!

Breathe in some new life

By making some changes and updating your profile, you are essentially creating an entirely new profile for yourself, without having to go through the hassles of setting up a new account on a new website. What text have you included on your page the last time you were using it? If people have visited your profile and left because nothing interested them, then they probably will again, unless you alter some of the information. That doesn’t mean lie – but include interesting facts about yourself that will start a conversation.

Recent photographs

Has it been eight years since you last logged on to this dating website? Is your hair a completely different color? Have you lost weight, or changed your style? Chances are, you will definitely need to update your profile photos. ‘People are very visual when it comes to online dating, and so your picture is the first impression you make on a potential new partner’, says Carla Whitty, relationship psychology writer at Eliteassignmenthelp and Revieweal. ‘Put some effort into your photos – don’t just include one with your ex cropped out or ones that are bad quality’. By using good quality photos of yourself, you will be surprised how much more traction your profile receives!

Changing your username?

Do you have a username that is a relic from 2008? Is it still ‘xxxmiss_cutiexxx’ or something equally cringe-inducing? Some people say that your username is not important, but it can say a lot about you, your persona, and what you’re looking to get out of online dating. There’s nothing wrong with having a bit of fun and being playful with your username, if that is the type of experience you are looking to get out of online dating; but if you’re looking for something more serious and want to give a more sophisticated first impression, then you should probably look into making a few alterations.

Make it easy for people

Make sure you keep your profile as a conversation starter and include things about yourself that potential partners will be curious about. Provide them with questions that they can ask – for example: ‘Ask me what books I like’ or ‘Ask me where I want to travel’. This way, you can avoid the opening line awkwardness that often comes with online dating. It also helps people to know what you’re all about from the start!

Use the tools provided

There are a wealth of writing tools available so that you can really make your description really stand out from the crowd.

  • StateofWriting and Study demic – These tools allow you to edit your writing online and also give you some handy proofreading guidelines.
  • UK Writings – This online editing tool is ideal if you’re trying to give your profile a little something extra (as mentioned at Uktopwriters)
  • AcademAdvisor and Via Writing – If you struggle with grammar, these tips and checkers are perfect for you.
  • Essay Roo and Boom Essays – These tools are excellent for providing action words and catchy subheadings!
  • My Writing Way – This will allow you to improve your general writing skills!
  • Academized and Paper Fellows – Don’t waste any time with formatting, let these tools do it for you!

Be unique! 

There are so many millions of profiles online. You need to make yours stand out somehow! If you think about it as an advert for yourself, and the types of profiles that catch your eye. Avoid clichés such as ‘looking for love’ or ‘easy-going’, but say what actually makes you different to other people. Try injecting a bit of humor into your description, too – it makes you appear more approachable and friendly!

Updating your online profile is definitely in your best interests. Try and be as honest as you can with what you are looking for, and who you are, and you will not fail to reap the rewards!