What Type of Sugar Baby are You?

By Brielle

Apr 10, 2019

Just like there are several types of Daddies, there are also several types of Babies.


The “It’s Just an Arrangement” Baby


This Baby just wants an allowance and his/her bills paid. They are not looking for trips or gifts or an emotional connection.


The Materialistic Baby


This Baby loves high-end gifts. The more the merrier and loves to flaunt them. This is one of the types of Babies many people think of when thinking of a Sugar Baby.


The wanderlust Baby


This Baby loves to travel to both exotic and domestic locales. He or she loves to relish in all aspects of travel such as fine dining and spa treatments. They also love to document their adventures on social media.


The Emotional Connection Baby


This Baby craves romance and loves to spend time with daddy.  Whether it be a quiet night at home or a romantic moonlit stroll, they just love to be with daddy. They like the gifts and benefits of being a Baby, but for them, being with daddy is all they need.


The “I Want the Whole Shebang” Baby


This type of Baby is looking for the whole package; allowance, gifts, travel, being spoiled, and an emotional connection. Often this Baby is also looking to marry his or her daddy or at the very least, have a long term relationship.


So while looking at this list, what category of Baby do you fall in?