What’s a rinser Sugar Baby?

By Malia

Dec 31, 2016

For newbies in the Sugar Bowl, plenty of mistakes are made. Sugar Daddies are guarded, and one thing they look out for is rinsers. What’s a rinser Sugar Baby? Glad you asked… 

A rinser is someone who uses charm and emotions disingenuously to gain material possessions. The rinser’s hidden agenda is only to receive as many monetary rewards as possible from POTs and SDs, while acting like she truly cares.

Rinsers have zero intention of sticking around or being in a mutually beneficial arrangement. A rinser is a serial dater. A taker, not a giver. Once a rinser gets to the point where she can no longer withhold sex from a POT, or when the gifting runs dry, these men become unsatisfactory and they move onto rinse a new prey.

Let’s play “Have you ever?” to decide if you’re putting out rinser vibes to POTs.

Have you ever…

–  Set up a meet & greet with a potential Sugar Daddy and requested to be paid or gifted during or before that meeting?  

–  Made up dramatic stories or blatantly exaggerated your situation to prompt a Sugar Daddy to rescue you right away? For instance, an impending eviction or car payment?  

–  Put off intimacy and ghosted a Sugar Daddy upon receiving allowance?

–  Faked openness to sex when you knew you only wanted platonic?

–  Requested funds for airfare to travel to him, but never booked the ticket?

–  Made up a Sugar Baby persona in order to build quick rapport to get started, but those things don’t reflect yourself at all?

–  Put high contingencies to continue seeing him, such as a number of designer items and expensive swag?

How many of these questions did you answer “yes”?  The lower the number, obviously the better suited you are for a sweet Sugar Baby role.

However, if you caught yourself responding yes to any of the above, you may have started on the wrong foot in the Sugar Bowl. Do not be surprised if your POT runs for the hills.

The Fake Down

Some Sugar Sisters advise newbies to fake it with any Sugar Daddy until she levels up. That is, to use the first SD as a stepping stone to become more attractive (clothes, gym, hair, plastic surgery) so that she’s able to upgrade to a better Sugar Daddy later.

Let’s analyze that scenario. If you don’t enjoy the ‘stepping stone SD’ beyond what his deep pockets can do for you, then you have to work hard pretending you do. If his appearance or company makes you feel self conscious, or ashamed to be seem with him, your own reflexes are telling you to disengage. A situation like that exhausts, so somehow you are forced to rinse him to survive the circumstances.

But don’t all Sugar Babies fake it to be with these 50-something Sugar Daddies? Yes and no. A Sugar Baby and a Sugar Daddy take full advantage of each other in a good way, each fulfilling his or her part of the arrangement. Therefore, the awkward negotiation and terms definitely need to be agreed upon before getting an arrangement started.

The key is to treat a Sugar Daddy with respect as an individual with feelings and deserving of your attention and honesty. If your motives are only to benefit and profit the arrangement won’t last, taking you back to square one.

Attitude Adjustment

Sugar Babies do not usually receive gifts or money on first meetings with POTs – rinsers do! However starting an arrangement with demands won’t lead a Sugar Daddy to be generous. Even with debt over our heads, sweet SBs don’t bring money problems to the forefront with SDs. It shouldn’t matter if he has the pockets to fix it right away, getting him to provide will take a little getting to know one another.  

Meeting a POT is about investing time and effort to present yourself and give him a sample of what it’s like to be with you. It’s not about jumping into sex and expecting an allowance the next day. That is an escort scope, and Sugar is about the relationship. On your next POT date, be sure to act as such.

Interview with Fate

Job seekers do not get a reward for going on interviews, and likewise Sugar Babies shouldn’t assume a gift for showing up to first meetings. If there is some sort of travel or expense involved, reimbursement will usually be the courtesy of a POT. Asking for this is just that, politely asking. For best results, ask for things in a sweet voice over the phone.

Taking the time to find a SD is serious work, much more so than finding a vanilla date. It requires date after date after ghost after rejections. Expect that. It’s part of the challenge. The reward is beyond worth the risk of a little wasted time. So before you get burnt out trying to attract new POTs constantly to get a few peanuts here and there, ensure you are not sending the rinser vibe.

A rinser can fool a new Sugar Daddy, but a legitimate SD will begin responding to rinsers with the Salty treatment. If despite your sweetest and realistic efforts you are facing a streak of bad luck with Salt Daddies, do not give in. Rinsers take advantage of situations in a win-lose battle with their would-be Sugar Daddy. Successful Sugar Babies ally with their SD to build win-win situations for the long fun.