Why Sugar Daddies Ghost

By Trina

Dec 08, 2016

Picture this: You’re on SeekingArrangement.com, and you’ve been browsing for quite some time. The sea of Sugar Daddies seems endless, but you’re looking for the perfect Daddy that fits your needs. Finally, you spot him! He’s interested in the same activities as you, reads the same books as you, wants the same arrangement as you, etc.

You casually message him, and after a brief period of back and forth banter, you reel him in. You meet up for a date, and everything seems to go smoothly. You two have a connection, you talked, you laughed, and you discussed the details of your arrangement.

Suddenly, he stops talking to you. You attempt to give him space, but eventually after a few days, you shoot him a text. He gives some sort of bogus excuse: work has had him tied up, he has a lot going on in his life right now, etc. You give it more time, attempt not to pressure him, but the communication lags.

Now he’s updating his SeekingArrangement.com profile–what?! Where did you go wrong? Your POT has now become the ghost of Sugar Daddies’ Past. Unfortunately, this is very common, even if it seems unfair. However, you cannot automatically blame yourself when this happens. I’m here to tell you the real, underlying reasons about why Sugar Daddies ghost.

Plenty of Fish in the Sea

Regardless of how well a date goes, some men are just reluctant to start the sort of regular, consistent arrangement most Sugar Babies want. This doesn’t mean that a Sugar Baby isn’t in line with his taste, or that they did anything wrong.

Sometimes you can have steak at home, but going out for burgers sounds more appealing. There is a ratio of 8 Sugar Babies for every Sugar Daddy, so the possibilities for him are actually endless. He may have ghosted because he has other options.

He’s A Total Newb

This could be his first time that he’s trying Seeking Arrangement. He may not be particularly seasoned or understand the etiquette between Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies in the bowl because he’s still very new to this community. They may be trying the site out and they like the vast response from attractive women, but are uncomfortable with the idea of giving someone money.

Daddy Is Sketched Out

Maybe you brought up money fairly quickly. A common mistake, but not something unfixable. The problem is that you may have established an unsavory first impression, when you meant to be direct and ask a genuine question.

Sugar Daddies don’t want to “pay to date someone” and the SBs need to help them realize it’s about gifting someone they’re in a relationship with. If the Sugar Daddy doesn’t want the relationship, he won’t gift. You can read more about asking for money too soon, and other mistakes you might be making here.

The Best Way to React?

To quote one of my favorite chick-flicks, “He’s Just Not That Into You,” if a man wants to see you, he will see you. If a man is interested in you, he will make the time for you. Yes, Sugar Relationships deviate from the “norm,” but the intricacies of a man pursuing a woman who interests him have not.

A word to the wise: do not waste your time thinking about someone who has not thought twice about you. If he ghosted, drop that Daddy and find someone a little more “Hugh Hefner” and a little less “Casper.”